What happens when a software engineer at a Google-like company gets left a mysterious starter dough? She starts baking it. Robin Sloan's second novel, Sourdoughis weird. But a good weird.


Sharlene Teo's debut novel is set in Singapore and centers on the intense friendship of two girls.

Invitation to a Bonfire

Adrienne Celt’s book, Invitation to a Bonfire, pieces together diary pages from a fictional young woman named Zoya, and love letters from a fictional Russian writer named Leo "Lev" Orlov (based on Vladimir Nabokov). In doing so, she builds up sexual and violent tension to a point where I hit the end of the novel and thought, HOLY SHIT. 

The Rook

The book is a really fun mix of fantasy, espionage, and navigating paranormal monsters and government bureaucracy.