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Day After Night

After the tragedy of the Holocaust, many Jews went to Israel, but were soon forced into British illegal immigrant camps. Anita Diamant writes a story telling of Atlit detainee camp through the eyes of four women; Shayndel (a Polish Zionist), Leonie (a Parisian Jew), Tedi (a Dutch Jew who was hidden during the war), and Zorah (a Polish concentration camp survivor). It first starts off confusing as you figure out how the women are connected - but once you figure out all their back stories and what is going on, the novel becomes extremley addictive in finding out what will happen to Shayndel, Leonie, Tedi, and Zorah. While this novel is fiction, Diamant based it on a true story of the October 1945 breakout at Atlit. She says about the back stories of her characters and why it was so important to them to keep their stories secret, "There was a great deal of silence and secrecy about the horrors of the Holocaust after the war. There was a world filled with guilt; survivors who felt they didn't deserve to be alive when their loved ones had died." I recommend this novel not only because of the stories of these women, but because of the inspiration they instill. Rating: ★★★★★
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