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The Last Picture Show

The Last Picture Show is one of Larry McMurtry's most powerful, memorable novels and the basis for the enormously popular movie of the same name. Set in a small, dusty, Texas town, "The Last Picture Show introduced the characters of Jacy, Duane, and Sonny: teenagers stumbling toward adulthood, discovering the beguiling mysteries of sex and the even more baffling mysteries of love." It is, pretty much, a coming-of-age novel. While I enjoyed reading it, it wasn't my favorite of the novels I read this summer. At times, it got tedious to read. The story was a familiar one; two high school seniors preparing to face the world. Although facing the world in the 1950s is totally different than 2012, similar themes resonate. Maybe I didn't like The Last Picture Show as much as I thought I would because even though it was difficult at times to relate to Sonny (the main character) usually if I can't identify with the character personally, the story keeps me going. But the story wasn't that interesting that I had a burning desire to keep reading. Therefore, I would only recommend this book to you if you have a strong penchant for western, coming of age, 1950s novels (which is quite specific, but I honestly think that's the only audience that would appreciate this novel). Rating: ★★★

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