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The Memory Police

The tension builds slowly — as more and more things disappear from the island — and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop the inevitable disappearance of everything.

On Such a Full Sea

So while the novel was in a basic sense a "quest" or "adventure" tale: girl sets out into the unknown to find out why her boyfriend disappeared, it truly became a tale about violence, community, selfishness, materialism, and ultimately, the resilience of one woman.

Mr. Eternity

The reader meets Daniel in 1560 on a Spanish expedition to find El Dorado, in 1750 on a plantation, in 2016 in Key West, in 2200 on a ship on the ruined east coast and in 2500 in the "Reunited States of America."


The book is an intertwining mystery of different narratives that keeps you reading til its (depressing, I'll admit) end.