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What happens when a software engineer at a Google-like company gets left a mysterious starter dough? She starts baking it. Robin Sloan's second novel, Sourdoughis weird. But a good weird.

The Witches of New York

The core of the story is about persecution and hysteria over women's autonomy, and McKay does a wondrous job of crafting a New York where magic lingers just under the surface.

Frankenstein in Baghdad

Winner of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (2014), Saadawi's story focuses on the traumatic aftermath of war and occupation, how violence leads to more violence, and how no one is truly innocent.

The Master & Margarita

A surrealistic tale of the Devil wrecking havoc in Soviet Moscow interspersed with the thoughts of Pontius Pilate when he sentences Jesus Christ to die turns into a magnificent story in the hands of Bulgakov