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Kirkus calls Queenie ‘A black Bridget Jones, perfectly of the moment’ and I am deeply inclined to agree.

Sadness Is a White Bird

You feel the tension, you feel the idealism, you feel the weight of history... Moriel Rothman-Zecher magnificently weaves all these strands of Jewish identity together.  

The Patriots

Sana Krasikov's debut novel, The Patriots, is an epic family saga stretching between Brooklyn and Moscow from the turn of the twentieth century to 2008.

The Girls

Sitting on the beach, I felt like I was at the ranch where Russell keeps the cult, seeing Evie's longing for Suzanne, understanding the looming threat of violence (which does not occur til the very end)

The Strays

Even though the story was set in the Depression, rarely did the historical period enter into the story. And maybe this was the magic of Britto's novel: it was the tale of one girl, and her longing for a bigger family, and her envy/love for her best friend.