Who? My name is Emily, I'm currently a senior studying History, Government & Religion at Dartmouth College

What? Just some thoughts on things I've read. My most loyal reader is my grandma (hi grandma!!)

Where (can I get the book)If you turn off your adblocker, you can see the books embedded in each post, and it takes you directly to amazon (so easy!!!) (but also support your local bookstore)!

When? I started this December 2010, on blogger. I moved over to squarespace in July 2016.  I've been working on this blog ever since (and my writing has hopefully gotten much better...) 

Why? Do I need to have a reason??

Do you have a favorite book? No... I don't think so... It's so hard to pick just one. Right now, it's The Post Office Girl by Stefan Zweig or Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azir Nafisi or The Lady in Gold by Anne-Marie O'Connor