My Last Lament

I was drawn to the book for two reasons: one, I didn't know the story of Greece during WWII, and two, I didn't know what a lamenter did...

Mr. Eternity

The reader meets Daniel in 1560 on a Spanish expedition to find El Dorado, in 1750 on a plantation, in 2016 in Key West, in 2200 on a ship on the ruined east coast and in 2500 in the "Reunited States of America."

Confession of the Lioness

If you're looking for a fantastic book in translation, or story that deals with tradition, legacies of war, and the impact of violence against women, look no further than Confession of a Lioness.

The Idiot

But Batuman decides to set her rather millennial novel in the mid-90s. Before the internet, before cell phones, and certainly, before the advent of millennial pink.