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A Study in Charlotte

Imagine a world where Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were real people, and their descendants still lived and interacted with each other. Imagine their great-great-great-grandkids attended boarding school together. And, well, you have the plot of Brittany Cavallaro’s wonderful trilogy.

Invitation to a Bonfire

Adrienne Celt’s book, Invitation to a Bonfire, pieces together diary pages from a fictional young woman named Zoya, and love letters from a fictional Russian writer named Leo "Lev" Orlov (based on Vladimir Nabokov). In doing so, she builds up sexual and violent tension to a point where I hit the end of the novel and thought, HOLY SHIT. 

Truly Devious

A private school in Vermont for gifted kids + a decades old murder that's unsolved + a delightfully diverse gang of teens = a delightfully engaging mystery novel.


As I got further and further into Jeff VanderMeer's Annihilation, I could not shake a feeling of increasing dread/terror. And that is the magic of this sci-fi thriller: you can't pull yourself away. The story centers on a mysterious "Area X," a quarantined part of the U.S. coastline, where teams of expeditions have been sent to explore.